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    on account of the colony. In a memorial addressed to the * Papiers dArgenson, 21 Oct., 1659.Get personalized recommendations to increase the security of your Google Account.

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    Near the entrance of Matchedash Bay lie the three islands now known as Faith, Hope, and Charity. Of these, Charity or Christian Island, called Ahoendo by the Hurons and St. Joseph by the Jesuits, is by far the largest. It is six or eight miles wide; and when the Hurons sought refuge here, it was densely covered with the primeval forest. The priests landed with their men, some forty soldiers, laborers, and others, and found about three hundred Huron families bivouacked in the woods. Here were wigwams and sheds of bark, and smoky kettles slung over fires, each 398 on its tripod of poles, while around lay groups of famished wretches, with dark, haggard visages and uncombed hair, in every posture of despondency and woe. They had not been wholly idle; for they had made some rough clearings, and planted a little corn. The arrival of the Jesuits gave them new hope; and, weakened as they were with famine, they set themselves to the task of hewing and burning down the forest, making bark houses, and planting palisades. The priests, on their part, chose a favorable spot, and began to clear the ground and mark out the lines of a fort. Their menthe greater part serving without paylabored with admirable spirit, and before winter had built a square, bastioned fort of solid masonry, with a deep ditch, and walls about twelve feet high. Within were a small chapel, houses for lodging, and a well, which, with the ruins of the walls, may still be seen on the south-eastern shore of the island, a hundred feet from the water. [5] Detached redoubts were also built near at hand, where French musketeers could aid in defending the adjacent Huron village. [6] Though the island was called St. Joseph, the fort, like that on the Wye, received the name of Sainte Marie. Jesuit 399 devotion scattered these names broadcast over all the field of their labors.Well walk you through key privacy settings step-by-step, so you can choose whats right for you.

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